Universal Service Weapon - (USW)

The B&T design team reinvented the historical concept of a handgun mounted with a shoulder stock for modern times. The USW extends the effective and accurate range of the service pistol by exploiting the human factor of a steady hold to the shoulder provides maximum stability. The 9×19 mm caliber USW is enhanced with a miniaturized Aimpoint red dot sight. In the role as a service pistol on patrol, the USW can be safely and easily carried in a special holster and used like a normal pistol in the event the stock is not needed. If a policeman is a “First Responder” to an active shooter event, he is able to take immediate action at a safe distance even against heavily armed terrorists. Magazines of 17, 19 and 30 rounds are available. The USW concept is also available as a conversion and upgrade kit for other widely used service pistols.
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