Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

Who are your direct dealers?

Our direct dealers can be found using the Dealer Locator under the support tab.

How do I become a direct dealer?

Contact [email protected].

How do I check the status of my B&T Parts order?

The Contact Us tab on the BT Parts site will allow you to inquire about the status of your BT Parts Order.

How do I make changes to my B&T Parts order?

The Contact Us tab on the BT Parts site will allow you to inquire about changing your BT Parts Order.

How long do Backorders take to be filled?

Due to the ever-fluctuating nature of logistics, we cannot provide a reasonably accurate estimate of how long it may take to fulfill Backorders.

When will the suppressor/firearm I ordered be shipped?

All product is shipped on a first in first out basis. For any additional information, please have your dealer contact their sales manager.

What is the thread pitch for the APC9K threaded barrel?

With the exception of the MK-II, USW-A1, and VP9, all of our 9mm threaded barrels are threaded ½X28RH.

How do I get replacement Wipes for my Station 6?

Please contact customer service department who will take your order and ship replacement wipes to your local FFL.

How do I file a warranty claim?

Email [email protected]. Please include a description of the issue as well as the Model and Serial number of your firearm.

How do I register my firearm warranty?

Under the support tab found at

How do I tell when my firearm/suppressor was manufactured?

The first two digits of your serial number will indicate the year of manufacture. For example, 20- means that the firearm was manufactured in the year 2020.

Can I use +P ammunition in my B&T firearm?

Our firearms are rated to SAAMI and CIP specification. This includes the use of +P rated ammunition but would exclude +P+.

Is my B&T suppressor user serviceable.

Our suppressors are designed and manufactured as sealed units. No attempt should be made to open the suppressor.

Do you have a facility that is open to the public?

We do not currently have any facilities open to the public.

Can I buy a suppressor from B&T Switzerland?

Imported suppressors are only legally saleable to Law enforcement and Military clients.

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